Owen’s Spicy Hot Chocolate

Although it is one recipe that never involves the Chef himself, Owen’s favorite hot chocolate plays a singular role in the story, cropping up at key moments to warm and soothe him as he struggles to deal with some of the more painful conundrums of his young life. Here is our take on the recipe, and the meaning behind the recipe … and you get to meet Chef’s daughter Kelsey, too!

Chef’s Bruschetta

This is a dish the Chef makes in chapter 13 (“Honor”) — although we don’t quite get to actually see him do it, since he prepares it for lunch while Owen is outside in the hot sun, working in the garden, and getting angrier by the minute. “It was exquisitely delicious,” as the book tells us, “but even that yummy crunchy gooey savory-sweet-tart amazingness could not dissipate the dark clouds over Owen’s mood.” Owen barely tasted it—but we are way more fortunate, because we get to not only watch Chef Charles make it step by step, we also get to recreate it in our own kitchens and sit down to enjoy it! Bon appétit.

The Story Behind the Story: Trailer Version

On Sunday, July 23, 2017, John David Mann sat down with his coauthor Chef Charles Carroll at his home outside Houston, Texas, to talk about how they met and take you behind the scenes of the writing of The Recipe. This brief (4½ min.) “trailer” version provides a few highlights. (The full 53-minute version will be coming shortly.)


More Coming Soon!

Over the 2017 holiday season, we’ll be unveiling a set of video cooking demos of Chef Carroll demonstrating some of the dishes in the book, as well as a full-length version of our “Story Behind the Story” interview between the two coauthors (excerpt featured above). Leave your name and email address if you want us to notify you as each new video is completed and put up on this site for viewing!